Jessica Leong is a creative director with extensive experience across branding, environments, and typography.

Over the past 15 years, she has led projects for a diverse set of clients working across a variety of sectors. These include reimagining the identity for Interior Felt, crafting the positioning strategy and communications for Hannah Traore Gallery, and rebranding the evolution of Nature United. She is currently the Associate Creative Director at Frontier.

In addition to design work, she has taught at OCAD University and was previously a Creative-Professional-in-Residence there. She has spoken at numerous design conferences, juried several award programs, and lead Frontier’s mentorship program, an initiative to help foster connections between emerging creatives and industry professionals. Prior to Frontier, Jessica was lead designer at Design Exchange Canadia’s premier design museum, She has also worked at ERA Architects, Indigo Books, and Bruce Mau Design.

Select Clients:

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